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What we do

What's different about us?

People are the change

We advise on building, reshaping, and improving digital product, research, and design teams and on how to engage with them. We understand the value of creating ethical and inclusive products and teams that deliver more sustainable futures for employees, customers, shareholders and the planet.



Digital Product, Research & Design

Whether helping companies to build, reshape or improve digital product, research, and design teams, or other teams in figuring out how to engage with them, we create actionable plans—and then help you to implement them.

Through our work, we can:

  • Assess team capability and maturity
  • Create plans to reshape or optimize existing teams
  • Develop plans to build new teams
  • Identify measures of success
  • Identify ways to improve the end-to-end delivery process
  • Advise on design systems and design/research operations
  • Advise on inclusive, ethical, and sustainable design


Individuals, teams & companies

A bit of advice never goes amiss. Great leaders understand that. We can demystify digital product, research and design for business leaders, or advise practice leaders on being more commercially astute and culturally open.

We can provide:

  • 1:1 or group advising sessions
  • Thought partnership
  • C-suite and board-level advising
  • Product, design, and research leadership support
  • NED engagement
  • Tailored webinars and learning sessions


Interim & permanent

Hiring great product, research, or design leaders takes experience and insight. We’ve been those leaders, and we’ve hired them too. We know how culture, diversity, inclusion, maturity, stability, and transparency help people to make the right choice.

We can:

  • Help identify the problems you are trying to solve
  • Shape your thinking on diversity and inclusivity
  • Define the right type of candidate
  • Create a focused hiring strategy and content
  • Identify leadership candidates
  • Help with assessment and interviews
  • Help you put the right onboarding plan in place

About us

Practitioner-led change

We were experienced practitioners before becoming leaders, founders, directors, and consultants. We’ve learned through experience that people are at the heart of most successful change.

Brian Hoadley

Managing consultant

Brian has worked across digital product, research, design, and engineering for the last 25+ years. He’s also recently published his first novel. He’s built and led teams from start-ups to global enterprise in the US and UK. As a leader and founder, he’s a strong advocate of building consensus and has worked with, built and led complex and award-winning projects and companies.

Mariusz Zalewski

operations & recruitment director

Mariusz has worked across retail sales, management, and operations over the last 14 years. He’s an avid reader and keen equestrian. He has built, led, and managed high performing retail teams, and transformed low-performing teams into successful ones. He leads operations and recruitment, working with clients and candidates to ensure they have a great experience.

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Sector knowledge

What can we say? We're curious people too...

We enjoy challenges. Our diverse sector experience means we’ve seen many different ways of working and thinking over the years. The common denominator is people – get that right and the rest will follow.

– Automotive

– Broadcasting / Media

– Consulting

– Engineering

– Digital

– Financial Services

– Food / Hospitality

– Government

– Healthcare

– Mobile

– Proptech

– Retail / FMCG

– Start-up

– Technology

– Telecommunications

Brand engagement

That curiosity has led us to work with many different brands